Experience the wholesome goodness of Wolfberry Cider by Woodward Cider Co. This delightful blend combines the power-packed benefits of Gojiberry, also known as Wolfberry, with the tangy allure of pomegranate and the vibrant essence of blueberry. It's a superfood party in a can, crafted to make you feel great about the nourishing choice you're making for your body. Indulge in this balanced and invigorating cider, knowing that each sip is filled with natural goodness.

Cider Specs
14 g/L
Residual Sugar
2.0 g/L
Alcohol %
Cider Profile
Tasting Notes
The Wolfberry Cider is a visually appealing drink with a deep crimson hue and subtle effervescence. Its aroma is sweet and tangy, dominated by ripe wolfberries with notes of pomegranate and blueberry. Upon tasting, the cider showcases a harmonious blend of luscious sweetness, balanced tartness, and a touch of tannic depth from the pomegranate. The juiciness of mixed berries prevails mid-palate, while a refreshing, slightly dry finish leaves a pleasant, lingering sensation. With a smooth mouthfeel and vibrant flavors, this cider offers a refreshing and invigorating experience.

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